Details on the map

To be consistent, the team has agreed some basic principles, for example, which name to put first if a saint’s name has different spellings across the literature sources. The following will give some details on the information provided on the map.

  • The first name in the information pop-up box will be spelled as given in: ohn Blair, ‘A Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Saints’, in Local Saints and Local Churches in the Early Medieval West, ed. Alan Thacker and Richard Sharpe (Oxford University Press 2002), 495-566.
  • In Relations, we want to develop the relationship of the individual saints with Eanswythe. This will develop over time.
  • We will give only basic information in the pop-ups, but you can find a lot more in the sections on the individual saints together with more images and travel accounts. These will be added to the Research tab over time.
  • If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact us.