Anglo-Saxon Female Saints across Britain

This map will be updated over time, adding over 60 female saints and the sites of their workings with background information and images. Please watch this space and join me on my journey, building this map and exploring the places of early Christianity in Britain. As a new feature, I have included pilgrimage routes, which can be found on the British Pilgrimage Trust website. For route details and GPX downloads please follow this link: the British Pilgrimage Trust.

To Navigate the map:

  • use the zoom buttons on the top left or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out (+/-)
  • click and drag the map to pan
  • switch map layer on and off in the menu on the top right (to declutter the map) and see only what interests you
  • click on the dots to learn more about the saints in their specific locations
  • the numbers in the circles show how many individual points of interest with background information are hidden in the cluster (circle containing a number)
  • when the point of interest is singled out (extreme zoom-in, circle without number) a pop-up window will appear on left mouse click and reveal the information on the location
  • photographs are also hidden in the clusters, click the clusters until singled-out and on the next left mouse click the pop-up window will reveal the photograph
  • zoom out to get a better overview once you have explored the dots in one location (back to cluster point view)
  • view the map in full-screen mode clicking the button at the bottom.

Enjoy the journey!

Heptarchy image attribution: Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons